Apollo Server

What is Apollo Server?

The Apollo Server is a community-driven, open-source GraphQL server. It works with any GraphQL schema and can be deployed in any environment, including connected client devices such as smartphones or servers. Apollo Server is built with JavaScript and it integrates with several popular Node.js libraries like Express, Koa and Hapi.

Features of Apollo Server

  • Schema stitching: It allows developers to create a single GraphQL schema from multiple underlying GraphQL APIs.
  • Performance tracing: Apollo Server provides detailed performance metrics for every operation.
  • Flexible: It works with any data source, including REST APIs, databases, SQL or NoSQL, and third-party APIs.
  • Full-stack: Apollo Server supports front-end libraries such as Apollo Client and it integrates with Apollo Studio for the full-stack experience.

Why use Apollo Server?

Apollo Server simplifies the process of building a GraphQL API and makes it easy to build a schema, connect to different data sources, and set up an API gateway. It provides a high-level, unified API for front-end developers, and its modular structure allows developers to customize the server to fit their specific needs.

How does Apollo Server work?

Apollo Server acts as an intermediary layer between client and data sources. It receives client requests, fetches necessary data from data sources, and then sends the response back to the client. The use of GraphQL allows Apollo Server to fetch only the required data, reducing the amount of data transferred over the network and improving performance.

Setting up Apollo Server

Setting up Apollo Server involves installing the apollo-server library and GraphQL, defining your GraphQL schema, setting up your resolvers, and finally starting the server. This process can be accomplished with a few lines of code and the Apollo Server documentation provides a detailed guide to help you get started.


Apollo Server is a powerful tool for developing GraphQL APIs. Its flexibility, performance, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for developers looking to leverage the power of GraphQL in their applications.

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