CSS Grid

What is CSS Grid?

CSS Grid, also known as Cascading Style Sheets Grid, is a powerful layout system available in CSS that fundamentally changes the way we design and build user interfaces. It offers a two-dimensional system, meaning it can handle both columns and rows, unlike flexbox which is largely a one-dimensional system.

Detailed Explanation of CSS Grid

CSS Grid allows web developers and designers to create complex responsive web design layouts more easily and consistently across browsers. It is a game-changer for web development because it introduces a two-dimensional grid system (rows and columns) which makes complex layouts achievable with less code and more stability.

Key Features of CSS Grid


  • Unlike other CSS layout methods such as Flexbox, CSS Grid is a truly two-dimensional system, allowing you to lay out items in columns and rows at the same time.

Grid Lines

  • These are horizontal and vertical lines that divide the grid and separate the columns and rows. Grid lines are numbered starting from 1, with the line names following a pattern of ‘grid-column-start’, ‘grid-column-end’, ‘grid-row-start’, and ‘grid-row-end’.

Grid Tracks

  • These are the space between two adjacent grid lines, often filled by grid cells. A grid track can be a column track (space between two column lines) or a row track (space between two row lines).

Grid Cells

  • A grid cell is the single unit of the grid. It’s the space between two adjacent row and two adjacent column grid lines. It’s the smallest unit on a grid that can be filled with a grid item.

Grid Areas

  • Grid areas are rectangular area on the grid which is bound by four grid lines. A grid area can contain one or more grid cells and can be named for easier reference.

Why Use CSS Grid?

CSS Grid is now widely supported across all modern browsers, and it offers web developers the ability to create complex layouts with ease. It provides greater control over the layout and positioning of elements on the page, and it’s especially useful for creating responsive designs that need to work on a variety of screen sizes and devices.


To sum it up, CSS Grid is a powerful tool in the arsenal of modern web developers. It provides a two-dimensional layout system that makes it easy to create complex layouts that are robust and flexible, making it a go-to choice for responsive web design.

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