Dyslexia-Friendly Design

What is Dyslexia-Friendly Design?

Dyslexia-friendly design refers to the methods and techniques employed in web development and design to make digital content more accessible and readable for individuals with dyslexia. This form of design takes into account the challenges faced by dyslexic users such as difficulty in reading, spelling, and writing. By implementing dyslexia-friendly design, web designers and developers can significantly improve the user experience for people with dyslexia.

Why is Dyslexia-Friendly Design Important?

Approximately 10% of the global population has dyslexia, making it a crucial aspect to consider during the web design process. Websites that embrace dyslexia-friendly design principles are more inclusive and accessible, thus reaching a wider audience and ensuring that everyone can easily navigate and understand the content.

Key Elements of Dyslexia-Friendly Design

Several elements go into creating a dyslexia-friendly website. Here are some of the most important ones:

Readable Fonts

  • Avoid decorative or complex fonts. Stick to simple, clear and easily readable fonts like Arial or Verdana.
  • Ensure that the font size is adjustable for user preference.

Color and Contrast

  • High contrast between the text and background can make reading easier.
  • Avoid pure black on white as it can cause glare. Opt for dark grey text on a white background instead.

Text Layout and Spacing

  • Keep lines relatively short (50-70 characters) to improve readability.
  • Include ample spacing between lines, paragraphs, and elements to avoid visual crowding.

Use of Images and Multimedia

  • Supplement text with relevant images and multimedia to aid understanding.
  • Ensure that all media is properly labeled with alt text for screen readers.


Dyslexia-friendly design is not just about improving the user experience for those with dyslexia. It’s about creating a more inclusive digital environment for everyone. By considering these design elements, web designers and developers can make their websites more accessible, user-friendly, and ultimately, successful.

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