Gift Cards

What are Gift Cards in Website Development?

Gift cards, in the context of website development, are digital or physical vouchers that customers can buy and give to others as a form of present. They hold a certain value and can be redeemed for goods or services on a specific online platform. They are an essential tool for e-commerce businesses and can be integrated into a website through various development strategies.

Importance of Gift Cards in E-Commerce Websites

  • Customer Engagement: Gift cards encourage customers to visit your website and explore your products or services. This can potentially lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.
  • Boost Sales: Since gift cards have a preset value, they guarantee that a certain amount of money will be spent on your website, effectively boosting your sales.
  • Brand Awareness: When customers give gift cards to their friends or family, they are essentially promoting your brand to potential new customers.

Implementing Gift Cards on a Website

There are different ways of integrating gift cards into a website, based on the platform used and the needs of the business. A common method involves using plugins or extensions that are compatible with your E-Commerce platform. These tools provide an easy way to manage the sale and redemption of gift cards on your website.

Steps to Implement Gift Cards:

  • Select a Gift Card Solution: Choose a gift card plugin or extension that suits your needs and is compatible with your e-commerce platform. Some popular options include WooCommerce Gift Cards for WordPress websites, and Gift Card & Loyalty Program for Shopify.
  • Configuration: After installing the plugin or extension, you will need to configure it to match your business needs. This can include setting the price ranges for gift cards, designing the gift card template, and setting rules for redemption.
  • Testing: Before making the gift cards available to customers, make sure to thoroughly test the process of purchasing and redeeming the gift cards to ensure a smooth customer experience.


Implementing gift cards on your website can be a powerful tool for increasing sales and customer engagement. With the right plugin or extension, you can easily add this feature to your website and start reaping the benefits.

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