GitLab CI/CD

What is GitLab CI/CD?

GitLab CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) is a vital tool used in modern web development that allows developers to automate parts of their development process. It’s an integrated feature of GitLab that builds and tests your applications every time you commit changes, ensuring the code in your repository is always in a deployable state.

Understanding GitLab CI/CD

GitLab CI/CD is a powerful feature that helps in automating routine tasks such as code building, testing, and deployment. It is a part of the GitLab ecosystem, a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool. Some key features of GitLab CI/CD include:

  • Easy configuration with a clear syntax for the CI/CD pipeline
  • Automatic scaling
  • Integrated code quality reports
  • Security testing including static and dynamic testing
  • Automatic Dependency scanning

Why should you use GitLab CI/CD?

Using GitLab CI/CD within your web development process can significantly streamline your workflow. Here are some reasons why web developers should consider GitLab CI/CD:

  • Efficiency: It saves developers time by automating the testing and deployment process.
  • Reliability: Since the process is automated, it reduces the risk of human error.
  • Collaboration: It supports a collaborative approach which is beneficial for teams.
  • Quality: It ensures a higher quality of code as it detects bugs and errors early in the process.

How does GitLab CI/CD work?

GitLab CI/CD pipelines are configured through a file called ‘.gitlab-ci.yml’ that is checked into the root directory of your repository. This file defines the structure and order of the pipelines and decides what to execute using GitLab Runner.

When a commit is pushed to the repository, GitLab checks for the presence of the ‘.gitlab-ci.yml’ file and if present, triggers the pipeline. The pipeline then gets executed on shared or specific runners based on the configurations.


In conclusion, GitLab CI/CD is a powerful tool for website designers, developers and administrators. It improves the efficiency and quality of web development by automating integral parts of the development process. Its easy setup and configuration make it an excellent choice for both small and large scale projects.

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