What is Laravel?

Laravel is a popular, open-source PHP framework used for web application development following the MVC architectural pattern. It comes with a clean, elegant syntax that ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey for developers, without sacrificing application functionality.

Key Features of Laravel

  • Eloquent ORM: Laravel features one of the most advanced implementations of Active Record Pattern, allowing developers to interact with the database using PHP syntax without writing SQL code.
  • Artisan Console: It comes with a built-in tool for command line known as Artisan, easing many tedious repetitive tasks that most PHP developers avoid performing manually.
  • MVC Architecture Support: Laravel supports MVC architecture that ensures clarity between logic and presentation, enhancing performance and allowing better documentation.
  • Security: It provides robust security features, such as hashed password mechanism, preventing unauthorized users from accessing paid resources.
  • Database Migration: Laravel migration system helps to extend the structure of the database without re-creating it every time there is a change in code.

Why Choose Laravel?

Laravel simplifies the web development process by easing common tasks such as routing, sessions, caching, and security, thereby enabling developers to focus on the creative aspects of web application. The Laravel ecosystem is vast, with supportive and active community, offering numerous resources such as tutorials, scripts, and extensions. This makes Laravel a preferred choice for many web developers.

How to Get Started with Laravel?

To get started with Laravel, you would first need to install it. Laravel utilizes Composer for managing dependencies. Therefore, make sure you have Composer installed on your system before you install Laravel. Once Laravel is installed, you can use the Artisan command-line tool to create a new project. Laravel also provides extensive, easy-to-understand documentation that can help beginners get started quickly.


In essence, Laravel is a powerful, flexible, and well-documented PHP framework that can help you build large, robust web applications efficiently. Its simplicity, elegance, and strong community support make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced developers.

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