Recurrent Neural Networks

What are Recurrent Neural Networks?

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) are a robust category of artificial neural networks (ANNs) that are extensively used in machine learning and deep learning for tasks involving sequential data. Unlike feedforward neural networks, RNNs have a ‘memory’ that helps capture information about what has been calculated so far.

Understanding the Mechanism of RNNs

In a Recurrent Neural Network, information cycles through a loop. When it makes a decision, it considers the current input and also what it has learned from the inputs it received previously. This is a crucial aspect of RNNs as it gives them a kind of memory. However, they can struggle with long-term dependencies due to vanishing gradient problem.

Key Components of Recurrent Neural Networks:

  • Input Vector: This is the initial data that is fed into the system.
  • Weights: These are the values that the network adjusts to change its output.
  • Activation Function: This function decides whether a neuron should be activated or not.
  • Output Vector: The final output of the network after processing the input.

Applications of Recurrent Neural Networks

RNNs are widely used in fields where data is sequential and the order of the data points is critical. These include:

  • Language Modelling and Text Generation: RNNs are used to predict the next word in a sentence or generate entirely new textual content.
  • Machine Translation: They are used in applications where one language is translated into another.
  • Speech Recognition: RNNs are used to convert spoken language into written form.
  • Time Series Prediction: They are used to predict future values based on previous values in the sequence (like stock prices or weather forecasting).


Recurrent Neural Networks are a powerful tool that enable machines to better understand and interpret sequential data. Their ability to ‘remember’ previous inputs makes them particularly effective in dealing with data where order matters. As a website designer or developer, it is essential to understand the capabilities of RNNs to better make use of their potential in creating more intelligent and dynamic web applications.

Related Glossary:

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