Static Site Generation (SSG)

What is Static Site Generation (SSG)?

Static Site Generation (SSG) is a process in web development where a website is built once and served without the need for a server. These websites consist of static files delivered to the user exactly as stored, without any dynamic elements. As a result, SSG can provide a quicker, more secure, and scalable solution for web development.

Understanding Static Site Generation

SSG is the production of a set of HTML files that are pre-built, with each file representing a separate page on the website. This contrasts with dynamically generated sites, which generate pages on-the-fly for each user request. Websites built through SSG are advantageous due to their speed, as there is no need for database queries or template rendering. The pages are already built and ready to serve to the user.

Key Features of SSG

  • Speed: As the pages are pre-rendered, they can be served to users rapidly.
  • Security: With no server-side processing or database, there is less surface for attacks.
  • Scalability: Static sites can be easily scaled up simply by increasing the bandwidth.
  • Version Control: The entire website can be version controlled using a system like Git.
  • Cost-Effective: Hosting static sites is often cheaper than dynamic sites as they require less resources.

When to Use Static Site Generation?

SSG is ideal for content that doesn’t change often. For example, blogs, documentation sites, and corporate websites can benefit from SSG. However, for websites that rely heavily on dynamic content, user interaction or real-time updates, a dynamic website might be more suitable.

Popular Static Site Generators

  • Jekyll: Built on Ruby, Jekyll is one of the most popular static site generators. It has a large user base and is known for its simplicity and ease of use.
  • Hugo: Hugo is another popular choice, written in Go. It is known for its speed and flexibility.
  • Next.js: Built on React.js, Next.js is a versatile generator that can build both static and dynamic sites.
  • Gatsby: Another React.js based generator, Gatsby is known for its performance and modern web standards.


In conclusion, SSG offers numerous benefits including speed, security, and scalability. It is an excellent choice for websites where content doesn’t change often. However, for websites that require dynamic content, other solutions might be more suitable.

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