SVG Animation

What is SVG Animation?

SVG Animation, also known as Scalable Vector Graphics Animation, is a type of animation that uses vector-based graphics in the development and design of websites. It is a powerful tool that allows for the creation of interactive and dynamic web content. The SVG format is XML-based, meaning it can be created and edited with any text editor, and can be manipulated using JavaScript and CSS.

Understanding SVG Animation

SVG animations are resolution-independent and don’t lose quality when scaled or resized, making them ideal for responsive web design. SVG animations offer a range of benefits to web developers and designers:

  • Scalability: SVG animations can be scaled indefinitely without losing quality. This makes them perfect for high-resolution displays and responsive web design.
  • Interactivity: SVG animations can be manipulated using JavaScript and CSS, allowing for interactive elements and dynamic content.
  • Performance: As SVG files are vector-based, they often have smaller file sizes than their raster counterparts, leading to faster load times and better performance.

Implementing SVG Animation

SVG animations can be implemented directly into the HTML of a website. Here is a simple example:



In the above example, we have an SVG of a circle that is animated to change its radius from 40 to 10 over a duration of 2 seconds, indefinitely.

Manipulating SVG Animation with CSS and JavaScript

While SVG animations can be created solely with SVG syntax, they can also be controlled and manipulated using CSS and JavaScript. CSS can be used to style the SVG elements, while JavaScript can be used to create more complex animations and interactive content.

For instance, the following CSS code will change the color of the stroke during the animation:


circle {

stroke: green;

animation: color-change 2s infinite;


@keyframes color-change {

0% { stroke: green; }

50% { stroke: red; }

100% { stroke: green; }



SVG Animation is a powerful tool in the web designer’s toolkit, offering scalability, interactivity, and performance benefits. Whether you are a web developer, a website administrator, or a website designer, understanding and utilizing SVG animation can help you create more dynamic, engaging, and efficient websites.

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