Virtual Machines

What are Virtual Machines?

A Virtual Machine (VM) is a software emulation of a physical computer, running an operating system and applications just like a physical computer. VMs are widely used by web designers, developers, and administrators for a variety of tasks, from testing new software to running applications in different operating systems without having to invest in additional hardware.

Working of Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines work by mimicking dedicated hardware to the guest operating system. They utilize a piece of software called a hypervisor to provide virtual hardware to the guest operating system. This virtual hardware includes CPU, memory, hard drive, network interface, and other standard computer components. The hypervisor sits between the VM and the physical hardware of the host machine, managing resources and ensuring each VM has access to the resources it needs.

Types of Virtual Machines

There are two main types of virtual machines:

  • System Virtual Machines: Also known as full virtualization VMs, they provide a substitute for a real machine. They provide functionality needed to execute entire operating systems.
  • Process Virtual Machines: Designed to run a single process, they support code execution in a secure and portable environment.

Why Use Virtual Machines?

Virtual Machines offer several benefits to web designers, developers, and administrators. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Environment Isolation: VMs provide an isolated environment. Changes made in a VM do not affect the host machine.
  • Testing and Development: VMs allow developers to test software in different environments without setting up multiple physical machines.
  • Disaster Recovery: VMs can be used to quickly replicate and recover systems in the event of a disaster.
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: VMs allow for more efficient use of hardware resources, as multiple VMs can run on a single physical machine.


In conclusion, Virtual Machines play a crucial role in web development, design, and administration. They provide versatility, efficiency, and a safe, isolated environment for testing and development.

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